Seed value must be a number or a reference to another field - randomize parameters

I created a questionnaire that keeps showing an error message “seed value must be a number or a reference to another field.” and not being able to preview. I looked into the forum - I unchecked all the “randomize” boxes, still showing the same message.
What should I do? I really appreciate any help anyone can provide.

Welcome to the community @sajida_kobo! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thank you for your reply. I checked all the randomize boxes but still, the error message is showing.

Does putting Zero in the seed box solve the issue? can you help me with that? thanks in advance

The best solution for you would be as follows:

  • Download your survey project as an xlsform.
  • Make changes as outlined in the post discussed above.
  • Save the changes after making changes in the xlsform.
  • Replace the xlsform that you made changes from your user account.
  • Redeploy.

Doing this, your problem should be solved.