Setting Different URLRedirects with custom variable


I am new to the platform so apologies if this question has been answered previously.

I need to connect my survey to an external panel of survey takers each with their own panellist identification numbers as a custom variable.

How do I set the survey logic to disqualifying a participant based on the response to a single question? Can this be a custom URL? And can we pass through the custom variable?

Thank you so much for your help, have a wonderful day

Welcome to the community, @adamsurvey! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you build up on what you are trying to achieve:

Thank you very much for the welcome and sharing this info.

It does help understand the hidden variable part. This is about identifying specific survey takers,

Another part I suspect his easier and maybe a simple feature, which is the ability to redirect I said they take her to a different URL based on either one answer to 1 closed-end question or a more complex situations based on their responses two more than one fixed Choice question. Sometimes it is called redirection on completion and is often found in the logic section, Example if this condition is met and this condition is met then disqualified the candidate and send to a specific URL. Is this possible?

I also want to share a more eloquent description of what I’m trying to achieve, that was created by a commercial software platform to describe how they achieve the same in that software

QP Panel Integration guide.pdf - Google Drive