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I used many formulas/functions in a form. At the end, I have a question “Eligible or Not Eligible”. I want this specific question to be visible during data collection. Can anyone please help me? For example, after a form is filled, at the end a note has to be shown whether the interviewee is eligible or not.

Hi @rahmat,

Kindly please be informed that the calculate question type is a question that makes calculation at the background and cannot be seen while data collection. You are still able to see the variable when you download the dataset.

However you are still able to view the value from the calculate question type by pulling them on the note as outlined in the post discussed here:

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Thank you @Kal_Lam

Actually I did the same. Searched for it and found. My life is running normal now :smiley:



You can also use a calculation with another question type instead of calculate type (even with select) and set it to read_only.
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Hi @Rahmat,
Also note you can still apply calculate on an integer or text type of question if you want to see it. You can check out the advanced calculate article where we have explained this.


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