Since the update of the app the dynamically linked data is not being updated anymore upon reload of the forms

@Kal_Lam , I’m really sorry, but it’s not working for me.

Did you test with the KoboCollect App or on Enketo? On Enketo it works fine for me, too.

I did some further testing on my end. E.g., I tried out the different servers (regular + EU) and also cross-tested between Enketo and the KoboCollect App, always with the sample forms from the support article.

Doing so, I found another curiousity:

After submission of a new entry in the Round 1 Survey, if I reload/open the Round 2 Survey form in Enketo once - even without submitting a new entry, afterwards the Round 2 form updates on the KoboCollect App as expected: under “Download form” the Round 2 Survey is checked and marked as “this is an update …”. After downloading it again the new data entry from the Round 1 Survey becomes available.
Is it possible that you did your testing in this order? That would explain why it worked for you.
I.e., to reproduce the error that I am seeing, you would have to submit a new Round 1 entry and afterwards try to refresh the Round 2 form strictly in the KoboCollect App without any inbetween tests in Enketo.

The strange cross-effect between Enketo and KoboCollect App described above seems to point to a problem rather on the server side. Maybe a flag in the meta data of the child form that is not set correctly? Sorry for the inconvenience!