Single submission does not work

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I have created a form for which, initially I set the number of submissions to multiple and deployed the form, however, later on, I changed the setting to a single submission, but now, I am not able to save this change, when I refresh the browser, the same multiple submission is displayed and so one can still do multiple entries using the same computer and the same browser.
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This post discussed previously should help you understand your issue:

@Kal_Lam, thanks for your response,
I checked the post, but still the solution provided does not work.
What I did was:

Changed the submission type to single submission from multiple submission; copied the link and even opened the link, but when i refresh my browser while i am in form tab, the setting i changed to single submission changes back to multiple submission.


@danishjownaqibullah, please note that users cannot change the display settings under the Collect data. It is always visible in that particular mode (which you see) even if you refresh your browser, log out, and login back to your account. The only thing that changes is the URL link when users select COPY or OPEN from different options that are available under the Collect data [e.g. Online-Offline (multiple submission), Online-Only (multiple submission), Online-Only (single submission), Online-Only (once per respondent) and so on …]. Try copying all the URLs from these settings to a notepad, and you should see a clear difference in the URL link.

@Kal_Lam , thank you, understood.

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