Skip logic bug in nested repeat

When creating nested repeating groups that filter child repeat groups based on a selection, I find that the filtering doesn’t work on the next main group if more than one sub groups are created.

e.g. using this spreadsheet

It works as expected if only one subgroup is selected (left) however if I add a second subgroup, in subsequent main groups the filtering no longer works (right).

Any ideas if there is a work around to this issue/and error causing this in my form?


Welcome to the community @Kristian! Would you mind sharing your xlsform with the community. At the moment i was not able to access the same you shared. This would help us test the same at our end.

Ok, here is the form:

Skip-logic-error.xlsx (9.5 KB)

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OK, is this an issue in Enketo or is it an issue with the KoBoCollect android app?

I think it’s an issue with Enketo. As it doesn’t seem to work for the kobo toolbox preview or deployed form through the web browser.

Hi @Kristian
When I look at the form, I see that you have a repeat within a repeat and you are referencing a question/variable from a preceding repeat group in another repeat group. In short, you need to use the repeat index. This will enforce a check to the instance you require.


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Hi @stephanealoo,
I had tried that, however I got the same result as if I just filtered directly on the value (seeing as it is nested). When I printed the value it displayed as expected, however the skip logic did not seem to work on the repeat_group.

I found a work around by wrapping the problematic child repeat group with a standard group and used the filter logic on that group.

Skip-logic-error.xlsx (9.6 KB)