The previously selected answers appears as the preselected answer option in a following question

Hello community,

I want to ask, if it’s possible that previously ticked answer, appear in a following question as answer option.

A) Who lives in the household? Please select!

  1. Father ☒
    2, Mother☒
  2. Child ☐
  3. Grandfather ☐
  4. Grandmother ☐

How decides about the income?

  1. Father ☐
    2, Mother☒

Thank you for your support.


This seems to be an issue with your form. Could you download the XLS version of your form and send it here so that we can inspect it.

Kindly do not share any sensitive information on the community forum.

Test.xls (5.5 KB)

I want to link question 1) and 2) via a function that allows me that the selected answer in one appears as option 1, 2, etc in question 2)

Hi @martinkufe,

You could have a look at the community forum discussion that has been discussed earlier which should solve your issue:

Have a great day!

Hi Lam,
I had similar issue and i tried the solution you prescribed.
The problem is that i am not getting some of the options i selected from the previous question. Please help

@daniel, could you explain your issue in detail so that we could have a look at it?

I figured it out, thank you. i find out the labels from the answers of the previous question for the options that were not showing didn’t match. thank you once again for your time

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@daniel, thank you for confirming!