Unable to edit cascading questions

Hello the community,
I’m facing two problems with cascading select questions.

Firstly, I successfully incorporated cascades select questions into a questionnaire being edited. I was able to see the questions in “preview” mode. But since then, I can no longer have the hand to work on the questionnaire. The questionnaire is in the list of projects of my kobotool account but when I want to modify the questionnaire, I no longer have the hand and I get the message below.

Secondly, I’m trying to edit cascades select questions with the same data mentioned above. Unfortunately, when a copy data from XLM form and past them in kobotool, these questions don’t appear in kobotool form. I receive the same message below.

Thank by advance for help.

Welcome to the community, @lius02! Maybe you will need to do the following:

  • Download your survey project as xlsform (that has the cascading select question). You could follow the steps
  • Edit/update the choices that you have to in the xlsform.
  • Then finally upload the xlsform back to the project and redeploy.

Thanks Kal_Lam for your answer.
I tried the solution but unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

My data sheet used to edit cascades select questions, contains around 10 departments, 80 municipalities, 500 arrondissements and 5300 villages. I have tried to edit a new project, using all of these data the problem remains. But if I select a few number of localities, cascading questions are edited successfully.
How can I resolve this problem?

Dear Kal_Lam.
Finaly I can access to my project for editing.
But the problems relating to cascade select question I previously mentioned remains.
Thanks once again.

@lius02, when you have that huge cascading select choices, the system may be very slow. Maybe you could use use the select_one_from_file question type and the CSV file to create a cascading select question. Here is a previous post which should help you design your survey project using the same:

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I’ve tried your suggestions, but I’m a little confused. Indeed, I transformed in csv format, data of each locality corresponding to the levels of my cascading questions (Communes==> Arrondissements==> Villages). So I got three cvs files. Then I incorporated into the XLS form of my project, data relating to department level (“survey sheet” and “choice sheet”). I then uploaded the 3 cvs files into the Kobo platform. My concern is that I can’t generate the file that links Departement, Communes, Arrondissements et Village in cvs format (see images below relating to files intitled “Village_Code”, "Disctrict_Code…). How can I generate these files? Thank you for your help.

Image 4
Image 3

Maybe you will need to download the sample xlsform shared in this post and play around to be more acquainted with the way the survey form is structured:

Dear @Kal_Lam. I understand the approach and the different forms to use. I read the messages, analyze and try to reproduce the forms and the shared images. But my challenge is the cvs file with the filter. I don’t know how to get the Village_Code.cvs file with the filter (Image 1) from the excel file (Image 2). How to generate this file automatically? I have around 5000 villages and cannot do it manually, inserting line by line; the filter as shown by the image1 . Thank you for guiding me.

Image 1
Image 2