Unexpected error for media attachments

Hello everyone
I can’t downloads my media files
after i open download media files from kobo
after clicking export for a white it show me Unexpected error

please help??

Hi there!
I´m having the same problem. Need some help too, please.


Welcome to the community, @Adamgroup! What is the tentative total count of your media that you would like to download? And also please let us know the tentative total size of the same? That should give us some clue on what is going wrong.

I have about 900 forms on that project and there are3-4 images on each form so the total will be about 1000 Images??
is that much media ?

This seems to be a huge file. Could try with a sample media file that holds only one submission (to see if you are able to download).

so can I download one by one ?
and what if I want to receive more files and forms ?

No I meant try adding only 1 submission to a dummy project and see if you are able to download the ZIP from this dummy project that has only 1 submission.

i did what you said
i made anew form and summitted one form
i was able to download the media File

but for my old projects cant to download media files
what will be good to me to i can reach my files and media ?

@Adamgroup, it’s because your survey project has a lot of files that holds a lot of memory. Maybe you could download your media image as outlined in the support article Downloading Photos and Other Media.

@Adamgroup, @abrilgarciamur2021, please be informed that this issue has been fixed, and you should now be able to download your Media Attachments (ZIP) smoothly without any issue.

For details, you could also see our announcement: