Unique Link for Each Enumerator

Hi there!
How do I generate a unique link for each enumerator? I want to embed each enumerator code to the link so that when they share the survey link with participants who may not be present and fill the form in their respective locations, I would be able to know which enumerator shared the link. I do not want to assign log-in details. I just I want participants to freely access and fill the forms by themselves wherever they are but I would be able to identify from the Excel spreadsheet, which enumerator is working (is sharing his/her link with potential participants) and which is not working.

Welcome to the community, @chibezz! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

And this post too …

Thanks Karl for the explanation. I have looked at the suggestion, they do not reflect what I need. I want something like this:
Enketo Express for KoBo ToolboxKarl001
Enketo Express for KoBo Toolboxbiden002
You can see individual enumerator name and number at the end of the code (as in many online marketing links), when someone uses such a link to complete the same survey, it will show that the respondent has been referred by Karl or Biden. It helps to track the commitment of enumerators and help in calculating payment.
Please how do I do that?

@chibezz, please be informed that the URL will be the same for all the respondents/enumerators except that you will just need to add a parameter for the username or a specific id you wish to assign to each enumerator/respondent which gets automatically entered.

This seems a limitation and there seems to be no way to go around it.