Uploading data to my server

Are you on a self-hosted server?

Yes, I’m working on my own server

Have you tried the same on one of the publicly hosted servers?

yes, and I’n not figuring out how to manage it. There is no place to upload the .zip

You will need to change the your_username with your own username:

https://kc.humanitarianresponse.info/your_username/bulk-submission-form OR


that’s what I’m doing and still not working, and it is also for own server?

If you are using your own server you will need to change the link accordingly. But the best thing would be that you test the same in one of the publicly hosted servers.

I tried changing the url and it’s saying
" Not Found

The requested resource was not found on this server. "

Also I have tried it in a publicly hosted server and there is no place to upload the .zip

Try using a publicly hosted server too to check the same. Maybe that should help you out to know if the self-hosted server should have any issues.

What is the format which I upload as “bulk upload form”. ¿Is it a .zip with the .xlsx of the results?

It’s the ZIP file that you get as outlined in the support article.

and if I’m in my own server, ¿should it work as well as in publicly hosted server?
I mean using this url “Projects (legacy view) | KoBoToolbox” but changing the url with my own url of my server

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Yes, it should work unless you have some installation issues.

Could it be posible to upload an .xlsx downloaded in the data of account in kobotoolbox and upload as data to another account in kobotoolbox to keep the information and can combine with the other collected

I mean, I downloaded the data from a survey in my account as .xlsx and
I want to upload that information in .xlsx in another account of kobotoolbox.
But that information doesn´t have the format required to upload it using Projects (legacy view) | KoBoToolbox as .zip because I don’t have the .json and it is not in xml

@SantiTamariz, you could do this through the python script discussed previously:

As I have been looking I found this way to do it. xls-import/README.md at master · kobotoolbox/xls-import · GitHub
¿Do you think this would work?

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Thank you for sharing this with the community, @SantiTamariz!

Sorry for persisting, but could be a possible way to download the data in xml to upload it to another account with the .zip format required to do Projects (legacy view) | KoBoToolbox
or the data can’t be downloaded to upload to another account, I mean not in xlsx, in the zip to upload

@SantiTamariz, you should also be able to migrate projects from the source server to the destination server (using ODK Briefcase) as outlined in the post discussed previously: