Uploading or transferring data from one KoboToolbox survey to another (after data cleaning)

Hi all,

I just started doing a bit of volunteer work for a humanitarian company using KoboToolbox. I inherited a file of over 20,000 survey responses, but the data was messy and the structure of the survey very inefficient.

The result was that this 15 question survey resulted in something like 150 columns being created due to the inefficient way the survey was laid out (a lot of repeated info that wasn’t being cascaded properly and instead being dispersed into individual questions for each different group). This made the data super hard to browse through and analyze. In the end, I’ve done both of the following:

  1. Clean the survey to reduce the number of columns of data to a manageable 30
  2. Cleaned the data and combined all the columns that should have been 1 column in the first place and got a file with those corresponding 30 columns (plus about 10 extra ones with historical versions of questions that have no analogous places for the data).

Now I would like to either
a) upload the new survey version I’ve tested into Kobo and replace the data with the newly cleaned file
b) shut down the old survey, and just use the new survey that I’ve created. However, I’d then need to upload the old entries into it somehow.

I’ve tried to find ways to do this somehow but haven’t had much luch. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @pashches,

Currently this feature is not directly available in KoBoToolbox. However, you could do the same using the python script as discussed in the post that has been discussed previously.

Have a great day!

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@pashches, you should also be able to migrate projects from the source server to the destination server (using ODK Briefcase) as outlined in the post discussed previously: