Validation criteria cross records

Hi everyone. This is my first time I post something here. I have search for a bit but couldn’t find my answer. I’m trying to build a form use validation criteria that cross the other records base on a link .as the picture below, I would like to build a form that date2 should be later than date1. Is there any possible way to do that. Thank you all.

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 15.37.28

Welcome to the community, @manh_nguyen! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Hi @Kal_Lam, Thank you for your quick response. But the discussion you shared was for the same record. I would like to know if we can check the validation cross several records base on a . In my example, NB1, NB2, NB3 are different records. In another word, I would like to check cross the lines in my line list data. I’m sorry if I could not explain it more clear.

Oh, so you mean a date from a different record? In this case, how are you connecting the records then?

I would like to use the source ID to connected those records. In my example, NB2 got infected from NB1 on the date 1, NB3 got infected from NB2 on date 2, so date 2 should be later than date1

@manh_nguyen, in this case maybe you could try the dynamic data attachment feature as outlined in the support article:

Thank you for being patient with my question. But can’t we link 2 records in the same project and check the validation criteria for the new submit? I have 1 project form, data for NB1, NB2 submitted already, then i’m filling the form for NB3 and the date 2 should be later than date1, if i’m enter date 2 earlier than date 1 an error message should be shown.

Hi @manh_nguyen,

You can dynamically link the form to itself.

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Thanks @hakan_cetinkaya, I thought there would be an easy way to solve my issue as i just want to validate the entry value like in the validation criteria option (constraint date) but cross different records in the same project. I take a screenshot of my table data that i want to have. For the NB3 the infected date should be 20/6/2021. so when i fill the form for NB3 if I fill to infected date as 15/06/2021 or earlier should be an error because NB2 contracted from NB1 on 15/6/2021 and cannot transmit to NB3 on the earlier date.