Viewing and editing data for specific users (user level permission)

Good day, our team is creating a form that will be used by our local government officers. It will have a user level Province and City/Municipal Engineers. A provincial level engineer should be able to view, edit and validate data for all city or municipal engineers under his province. Is there a way for it to happen because when I add permissions for the user, I cannot check the edit submission permission when that specific user can only view submissions from specific users. Thank you

Good day, thank you for the continuous development of the KoboToolbox for data collection. It has been very useful for our team in terms of data gathering and monitoring for projects in Communist Terrorist Group affected areas here in the Philippines. As of now, we are developing a form for documentary requirements, we hope to have an option where we can allow a specific user (supervisor) to VIEW, EDIT and VALIDATE data of specific set of users under his responsibility. It would be a big of help for us as it will allow our Provincial field officers to monitor and make necessary changes and also validate the submitted data of City or Municipal field officers under his responsibility. Thank you

Welcome to the community, @josesgpadasas! Kindly please be informed that KoBoToolbox currently does not support this issue, and we already have a features request for the same:

I would also like to inform you that we also have a GitHub issue for the same:

I will let you know when the feature is available in KoBoToolbox.

Thank you sir for your immediate response. We would gladly wait for its availability in the KoBoToolbox. It wiill be much appreciated. Thank you and always keep safe

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