Viewing tonnes of options for a single choice question

Dear KoBo Team, I am looking for a possible potential improvement for viewing a bunch of choices from a single choice question. Say, I have a single choice question. The enumerator would need to select one answer from the choices that have more than 60 items. The choices spans from -10.0 to +10.0 with an internal of 0.25. See screenshot.

We have gotten feedback from the field enumerator that the list is too long for scrolling (even on a tablet)… We could not shorten the choices because they are mandatory. Also, the reason why I’ve made the 60 choices as a dropdown option is to reduce possible data typing error… So I am wondering do you have other users similar experience regarding this? What would you advice in this case? Is there any other possible workaround? Cheers!

@Sze, have you tried using the minimal appearance as outlined in the post discussed previously? Maybe it would be much more comfortable for the enumerators.

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I have just tested it and I really like the suggestion! Thanks Kal for pointing out to the appearance setting :slight_smile:

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autocomplete is also a nice option for long lists, it lets the user filter the list as they type: