Visualize Kobo pictures in Power BI

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I have a Kobo form in which collectors took photos.

I would like to visualize them in Power BI.

I have successfully connected Kobo and Power BI through the API. I can see the data but unfortunately cannot display the photos.

Can you help me or guide me please?

Thank you in advance and have a good day.

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Welcome to the community @adfoulani! This post discussed previously should solve your issue:

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Great !

Thank you for your promptness.

I try and I get back to you.

Excellent day.

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I jump into this conversation to get more information on the process of linking pictures uploaded during a Kobo survey to PowerBI. Indeed, as mentioned on the article linked in the above response “Obviously, it needs to be accessible without the need for login credentials. If it’s stored in a place where the user has to sign-in or log in, Power BI will not be able to get the images.”
This is definitively the case for Kobo pictures. Is there a way to give PowerBI access to pictures links?


Hello Kal, I would like to contact you to know if you have any inputs on the above topic (see my comment posted yesterday on this topic), as you already brought an solution earlier this year.

Thank you in advance,


Hey @adfoulani and @rco_si_yemen
Did you solve this? How? Can you please share your solution with me and the community?

I’ve followed the instructions presented at KoboSupport (UNHCR) and successfully connected PowerBI to Kobo’s server.

But the image column only has the filename (eg. 1639402857588.jpg ) :frowning_face:
There’s no column with the full URL, like indicated at Downloading Photos and Other Media — KoBoToolbox documentation (support page).

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Hi all,

Little heads up here to know if there is something new concerning this topic.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @rco_si_yemen, @ivanradisson, @adfoulani, please note that this should now be possible with the new synchronous exports feature :+1: