Which data type in MySql to store answers form different question type

I’m trying to optimize the storage of data collected via KoBoToolbox in a MySql server database using the best possible data type. In particular I would like to know which MySql data type is the best to store the answers to text questions and GPS coordinates.
I’m also searching the data type of ‘start’ and ‘end’ (that I set to be automatically acquired in the form settings). Is it a standard data format or is it a custom made format? If so, there is a way to modify it in order to make it fit the DATETIME or TIMESTAMP type?
Is it possible to know how those data are handled (which is their data type) in the KoBoToolbox back end database?
Thanks in advance

Hi @MatB
Welcome to the community forum. I would break your questions into multiple segments as below

These are text data

You should note that this data contained is actually the start time and includes the date in it. I would refer you to the following topic for you to look at