Why do I get this error message (This record name or ID already exists) when submitting a submission?

Hi Kal, I am using the humanitarian server for a study in India and my enumerators are facing the same issue. Could you please help me to understand (1) why this is happening and (2) the quickest and easiest solution?

We are using Enketo on Chrome browsers on Android devices, not the Kobo Collect app. I was given to understand that survey data is stored in the cache of the browser, and so clearing it is not advisable as one would lose other as yet unsubmitted drafts.

The enumerators have to travel long distances to collect the data and the lack of saving capability to causing significant difficulty – kindly send help asap!

Welcome to the community, @raginimenon! Would you mind trying to log out (that is just below the Submit button and then try submitting the submissions again? Let’s see what happens.

Here is the reason why you see this error message in Enketo:

Thanks for your response Kal!

I can ask them to try this, but our main issue is not submitting the draft – it is that the draft does not seem to be saving. This means that if the enumerator logs out, we may lose the unsaved input and therefore won’t be able to try re-submitting. Is the assumption that once they re-login, Kobo will show the ‘an unsaved record was found’ message and allow them to re-load the unsaved input?

if the saved forms have different names it should work, I think.

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In this case, it doesn’t work – it doesn’t have to do with the draft name typed out by the enumerator. We have tried changing that and unfortunately we’re still getting the same error message. Logging out and in again doesn’t seem to be working for everyone either.

@Kal_Lam – any other suggestions for how to fix this?

Hello @raginimenon,
Do you use a calculation for the instanceID (in settings)?
Do the enumerators (or the system) write this case ID?
Could you send a screenshot of the case navigation window on the left? If possible together with the new entered case window part.

@raginimenon, maybe you will need to try it out in a new browser?

Sorry @wroos I’m not able to understand where I need to go to check this! Could you please show example screenshots of the pages I need to check to find this information?

@Kal_Lam – Chrome is the recommended browser for android mobile devices using kobo offline/online forms on android devices; could you please recommend which other browsers would be good for this?

Is there any other solution that will allow us to continue to use Chrome?

Hello @raginimenon,

  1. Does your Excel xlsx settings sheet have a column instanceId (which value is set)?
  2. Does the user give a name to the (saved) form In Enketo when using the save button or in Collect when doing finalization? Or is the system default used?
  3. Screenshot of the navigation window for saved forms on the left ( [ symbol to open) of the data entry screen.
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Thank you – will check these out and get back to you!

@raginimenon, could you also try this out with Firefox to see how it behaves?