1 of 1 download failed

Please good day Kobo Community, Am trying to download a research work on my phone, it’s a bit lengthy, but the Kobo collect app keep saying, “1 of 1 download failed” any help, is it because the work or naming is lengthy?

Welcome to the community, @Gandus! Could you also let the community know your form’s total number of questions? In addition, could you also let the community know if you have any media files (deployed) with the project?

Thanks so much for the quick response.

The questions are 30 + long headings.

For more information

@Gandus, it seems like this is an issue with only that particular device. Am I correct? Is it an issue if you try to get blank forms to other devices too? Kindly please confirm.

It was a general problem, not only one Device. But I have reduced the wording/sentence of naming of the project. I also reduced the number of questions from 53 (it was actually 53, not 30, unnumbered ones added) to 49 and I was successful downloading (getting blank form).

Thanks so much team Kobo collect. You do all. More blessings :pray::heavy_heart_exclamation::revolving_hearts:

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Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community, @Gandus! :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

You are most welcome Sir. You Commitment to supporting the community is well cherished and acknowledged.

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