10 questions from the factory survey

  1. What is the other interest besides the salary you want to get from your work?
    a. I want to learn the skill b. I want to make more friends c. I like the job of sewing garment d. other
  2. Are you happy while you are working in the factory?
    a. Yes b. No (Please explain why)
  3. Which department you like the best in the factory?
    a. Cutting b. Finishing c. HR d. Other
  4. What is the basic requirements of a team leader?
    a. Good charator b. Team work c. Basic working skill d. Other (Please describe in detail)
  5. If you are a team leader, what you are going to do?
    Please describe in detail…
  6. Do you feel safe to work in the factory?
    a. Yes b. No (Please explain why)
  7. Are you getting paid for all your work?
    a. Yes b. No (Please explain in detail)
  8. Are you satisfy with the bonus at present?
    a. Yes b. No (Please explain why)
  9. Do you have any suggestions for the bonus?
    Please describe in detail.
  10. How about your health?
    a. Have sick weekly b. Have sick Monthly c. Very seldom d. Other

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