404 Error on API

Hi guys,
The API for our project is returning a 404 error, is there any issue with the server?

We had a glitch on our system and this was since resolved. Kindly confirm that this problem does not exist anymore. If the problem exist kindly

  1. Send a screenshot of the error message
  2. Confirm whether you had made changes to the form itself
  3. If you had made changes confirm whether you had changed your API to take up the new url


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I am receiving the same Error 404, while pulling my data to google sheets using API.
Kindly help me

Hi @benjaminodda22, this may be due to a permissions error: you aren’t authenticating your request (correctly) or you don’t have sufficient permissions to view the data.

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Thanks for your reply, I have full rights to this project, perhaps the problem is on the authentication. What do I need to do solve this error.

Hi @benjaminodda22, perhaps the Google Sheets API docs can assist you for authenticating:

I would suggest testing a authenticated request in a terminal using curl or a REST client so you know things are working correctly.

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