413: Error (no resolution): Error: Generic Exception error: Request Entity Too Large


I am facing a 413 error regarding the File size. I have scanned through other responses on the Kobo Forum on this topic and have found no standard solution for the different types of files. Here are all the media types that I have in my form:

1- Photo upload (2 images)
2- Audio response files (4 audio files)
3- Hyperlinks (4 hyperlinks: 2 directing to a video and 2 directing to a Google form).

I want to understand the cause behind the error and how best to retrieve the data from the server forms that has been encountering this error? I am attaching a screenshot of the error that the team gets when submitting data on the form.

Please let me know of a fix as soon as possible,

@Pallavi, the error message you are seeing indicates that the request entity is larger than limits defined by the server. Could you kindly let us know the total size of the submission? I mean, the total size of the images and audio files you are trying to upload to the server through a single submission. It seems like this size is quite large. Maybe you will need to reduce the file size to make a submission of the same.

Thanks Kal. I had resolved the issue. My organisation had set the server limit to 1MB, and the files were naturally bigger than that. Now they have set it to 128 MB and it works fine.

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Thank you for sharing this with the entire community, @Pallavi! Your response should help users having similar issues! :bowing_man:

Hi Pallavi,

Thank you for this information. Is this solved on the public server, or your private organization server?
I am facing the same issue @Kal_Lam and using the Public server.

PS: I am using the same form that I used last year without any problem ? Is this related to the plan ?

Thank you