505/5000 Translation results Databases that feed projects

Is it possible to create a database in Kobo that feeds information to different projects?

In my case, I need to enter in 5 different projects the identification number, the names and surnames, the residence address and the telephone number of the same people. So I would like to be able to have access to that information in the 5 projects, from a database through a specific criterion such as the identification document.

Hi @braulioangulo, perhaps the pulldata() method could solve this for you if you create a csv file that contains this identification information and upload it as form-media for each project. Otherwise there is an upcoming feature for case-management that could meet this need too, however it could be a while before it’s released into production. There are also some new xlsform features that will be available in the coming days such as select_one_from_file, select_multiple_from_file, csv-external and xml-external.

Hope that helps.

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