A question on how to get someone to fill in your form without having access to username and password

How do I get someone to fill in my form without having access to my username and Password? I want to send a link out to my participants to fill in their responses because I cannot go collect the data physically. So I want to send out a link that they can use to access the form and fill out.
So far this link to a form I made is asking the people to put in a username and password. BUT if I give them these details, wont they be able to log into my user profile and have access to my projects and even modify things? that is my worry. Help please!

Hi @rumbidzogunduza,

There is a wonderful article shows you how you can collect data Collecting Data through Web Forms — KoboToolbox documentation

And make sure to go to Settings inside your online account and check the ‘Require authentication to see forms and submit data’ box. It should be non-clicked for anyone to use your forms via links.

Hope this works, if not, feel free to ask for more help.


Hello @rumbidzogunduza,
be aware that every one who knows this link can use the form and submit data, even several times/cases.

You might add some control with the one submission only setting. You can control more if you create extra user account(s) with restricted permissions (and own passwords).


hello @hakan_cetinkaya for the response. I cannot seem to find the “require authentication box”

Hi @rumbidzogunduza,

There are some screenshots where you can find the ‘Require authentication to see forms and submit data’ box.

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you are awesome, thank you. It worked.