About creating User ID and another is using other app as pop up


For Validation purposes do I need to create userID for all enumerators and supervisors? Because without creating USERID in kobotoolbox (humanitarian) I can’t share the project data with the supervisor. Are there any other options?

Another issue for question purposes is that a question may need to use a calculator. So is there any option that a calculator will popup for that question or any time during data collection.

Thanks in Advance

Maybe the best way is to create an admin account that should create and deploy the project and have an enumerator’s account to collect data. So you could share the project from the admin account to the enumerator’s account as outlined in the support articles:

You could then validate the records as outlined in the support article Record Validation.

Regarding your other query:

You will need to use a calculator seperately.

Thanks. But From one account for enumerator’s to collect data? Then how we can set row-level permission for different enumerator’s under the different supervisors? Because for row-level permission we need different userid for enumerators and supervisors if we want to show the selected enumerator’s work to the particular supervisor. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance

@dataanalyticbd, would you mind going through our row-level permissions support article again? It should guide you on how to share the same.

Maybe I could not explain. Suppose we have 10 enumerators and 2 supervisors. How can I set record validation by row level permission where, supervisor-1 will validate the record collected by enumerator-1 to enumerator-5 and supervisor-2 will validate enumerator-6 to enumerator-10. I have a master account and also another account for sharing the project. Don’t I need to create kobo account (userid) for the 2 supervisors and 10 enumerators seperately?

Hi @dataanalyticbd,

Yes, you need to do that.

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