About data has been send but was deleted and i don't know data still avaialable on the own server or not

What if the cached data on the mobile is deleted but has been sent to the server. Is the data on the server secure?

Welcome to the community, @favouside! Please be informed that if you have already submitted your data to the server, you could delete the data that is present on your device. However, if you have not submitted your data and accidentally delete the records from your device or clear the cache of your browser (if you are collecting data through Enketo), you will not be able to retrieve them back. Hence, you will need to be cautious when deleting your data or clearing your data cache.

I already sent my data to my supervisor ( as approver). So, i want to ask about my data who has been sent a fews days ago, that’s is secure on my friend’s server?

@favouside, if you have your supervisor as a validator and share the submissions with your supervisor, your submissions are still in your account (i.e., it’s not migrated from your account to your supervisor’s account). So, in this case, you should not delete those submissions from your account. If you delete them from your account, assuming that the submissions have been migrated to your supervisor’s account, you will be deleting your original submissions.

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