About Deauthorization of Form Users

Hello everyone, there is a topic that I came across recently and I think it would be useful if it was improved or if such a feature already exists please share it with me. For example, when I want to remove the authority of a random form user, I need go to inside the form and check whether that user’s name in the shared section or not with my eyes :smiley: to find it out. However, it would be much more useful if we could see how many different forms were shared with him when we typed her/his username to somewhere, because for example, please think if “50” different forms were shared with that person previously and I don’t remember which ones were shared with that person and if we have more than 100 forms in total, I have to go to inside each form and need to check one by one, I hope I was able to explain it. Thanks for your support

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Hi @anilgnydn,

I think this post suits best in Suggestion Box - New Features.

And I’m upvoting it too.

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