About the data after deleting the question

Till now we collected the data and today we find that there is some changes required in the one f the question for example the format of the Question 25 is Number and now we want it in text so for that i delete the older question and form new question 25, but now the problem is the whole data regarding the older question 25 is disappears (in the data sheet) and we required that data. so how to get that data is there any way to get that data then please let me know ?
please help…
Thank you

hi @meet ,
There is something illogical
If we change the question type while preserving the name, the data will be stored in the same field
But if we change the name of the question, a new field will be inserted while preserving the data of the old field.

Please explain more…

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@meet, maybe you could clone the previous version that had the question in number format. Download the cloned question as XLSForm and then replace the same question with the existing project. Redeploy the project. This should make your data visible for those which were missing earlier. Let us know if this workaround should solve your issue. Please also note that when downloading your data, you will need to check the Include data from all **...** versions as shown in the image shared below:


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