About the Usability & Feedback category

How should new KoBoToolbox features work? How can we improve existing ones? We need your feedback!

This category is dedicated to the public review --though in some cases, posts might be restricted to a specific group of users, depending on the needs and circumstances of the project-- of new features in the making and direct feedback from the KoBo Toolbox community.

Unlike the rest of the Forum categories, posts in this section will be posted by the design and development team, not the community (for suggestions, please visit our suggestion box). In these posts we will be sharing new designs, features, beta implementations and general ideas on how to improve the site or fix issues brought up in other categories of the forum.

Even though needs and guidelines might change slightly from post to post, you will be able to review, test, and comment on these ideas or features for a defined period of time, providing us with valuable feedback and actively participating in the development of KoBo Toolbox.

If you are interested in receiving alerts when new feedback opportunities are posted, or you want to take a more active role and learn how to participate in other user research and testing activities, consider joining our Usability Network Newsletter.