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Hi, Admins and wonderful team members,
I would like to thanks all of you for creating this application. You helped a lot of people. It’s so useful and especially is free. It’s much better than Google Form.
I’d like your team could add a feature to allow users can configure form style. It will be much awesome to show their style.

Welcome to the community and thank you for your comment @habao213

We take good note of your suggestion, it would indeed be a something worth considering. For future improvement suggestions however, we encourage you to post them in the improvements category of the suggestion box, as this topic is geared towards the public review of new proposals.

We will be requesting user feedback on upcoming new features soon, so stay posted future opportunities to contribute. You can make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our Usability Network Newsletter.

Thanks a lot for your interest and contribution!


Good afternoon,

It is possible to separate the assignment of the editing permissions of the records that is only editing and the deletion permission is in another option, this in order to assign a user who can edit the record but cannot delete it.

Thank you very much.

permisos kobo

Hi @cispmed
Thank you. I can see you already made the suggestion for future development for this.


I personally feel there should be a dashboard mechanism implemented within Kobo, and also offline street map with capability of establishing coordinates without internet. An example is (MAPS.ME)

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Hi @lebubc
Welcome to the community forum. Could you please look at the suggestions for future improvements and include this within that category too.


Fix loading error on the map.

On the map, selecting more than 3000 in the bar crashes since the waiting time for it to load the data from the server is very low. which generates errors.