Access Restriction

I have a concern, as I am sharing my user ID and Password with the users who are collecting data. If they login into my account and can change the form/data.

How I can protect their access to my account.


Welcome to the community, @anis21! It’s always advised to have at least two user accounts (i.e., an admin account that deploys the survey project and the enumerator’s account that is used for data collection) to manage your survey project.

Once the project is deployed from the admin account, you could then share the project with the enumerators account as outlined in the support article Managing Permissions and the row-level permissions …

By doing this, the enumerators will not have access to your project to distort the project. The data should also be safe in the admin project, even if they change the credentials.

Thanks a lot@Kal_Lam, for your kind solution which is very helpful for me and workable also.

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