Access to questionnaire data through Relational Database

Dear all,
I’m new to Kobotoolbox, but using PostgreSQL/Postgis, MySQL, CSPro platform since 2004. Please i would like to know if i can access to questionnaire data in a relational schema on the device and on the server. This is very important for data processing, cleaning. Usually, we use stored procedure, trigger etc. for automatic data processing on other platform.

Please let me know

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HI @htuser
Generally, KoBoToolbox does not support relation database capabilities. You can however take advantage of the different functionalities available to execute similar relation database behavior. These in themselves would be limited significantly. Some of the functionalities include:

  1. Use of Pull-Data functionality: This however is limited on the fact that the CSV file being pulled must be updated if you are to achieve relational capability.
  2. Access to the folder structure on the android application: This allows you to work with automated synchronization applications such as FolderSync to sync files to and from the app.
  3. Use of API to pull data from the servers. This may allow you to download the CSV in point 1 above and then sync it back to the app using Point 2 above.

Please note that this workaround is theoretic based on the mix of different logic and applications

In summary you must clearly lay your logic for relational database and then test for ability of the different functionalities to create a “mimic” for the same.


Dear @stephanealoo,
Thank you for reply. However, having relational data from questionnaire and on server can simplify greatly our duties. Usually, i connect whatever software (GIS and statistical software) to relational database from CSPro, for example during fieldwork. So i can perform live analysis and design script for dataprocessing using whatever languages: SQL, R, CPL (CSPro Programming Language) and Python…
So, i’m asking you if in the future you don’t have a plan to accept CSEntry as a data client for KoboToolBox. This will allow us to benefit best of two world. The power, flexibility, stability of CSPro and the best thinking dashboard and data management feature from KoboToolBox. I think that this will no so difficult for you since CSEntry store data on a relational encrypted schema on device (for the version 7.4 Beta) and and sync to an API: CSWeb using JSON data format. It also sync JSON format data on FTP and Dropbox.

Please let me know,