Accessibility of surveys for persons who are blind or have low vision

Hello community, does anyone know if Kobotoolbox forms as is meet the standards for disability access for those who are blind or low vision? Does anyone have esperience or suggestions using kobotoolbox with persons who are blind or low vision? or is this platform not suitable for these users?

Welcome back to the community, @Colleen! Maybe it’s something that is dependent on the device which you use. If your device is friendly to blind and low vision then it should probably work.

However, keeping this post open to our community who should also be able to provide their thoughts on the same.

Thank you so much,

I did have people who use specialised software for blind, low vision and dyslexia to check it and they were impressed with the accessibility, except the ‘hint’ sections are not that visible - so i had to add the question hint in brackets after the question label. Eg “What is your favourite food? (You may select more than one)”. The other thing was not to type anything in all capital letters.

Perhaps Kobo can look at the accessibility in developing it further?