Accessibility standards for visually disabilities

Enketo webforms are not working properly when using assistive technologies such as screen reader programme (NVDA and Jaws) or high contrast mode. We use grid theme + multiple pages + headings in all CAPS as the form style, if that makes a difference.

The main issues we have faced so far are:

  1. When filling out the form using a screen reader programme:
  • The voice-over reads content that is not actually visible on the page. I assume the programme reads something from the code of the page, including content from other pages. The voice-over should read only the content that is visible on the page.
  • When moving to the next page, screen reader by default goes to the bottom of a page. It is very inconvenient when a user with visual impairment must manually search and find the beginning of a page. When clicking “next”, it should take you to the next question by default.
  1. When filling out the form using high contrast mode:
  • In question types “Select one” and “Select many”, the selected option (tick in a box) is not visible. So a user cannot be sure if she/he has selected the intended option. The tick in a box should be clearly visible also in high contrast mode.

Could you ensure that KoBo is accessible also for persons with disabilities and compatible with assistive technologies?
You can find more information about accessibility standards from