Accessing a value within the repeat group

Within a repeat group, how can I access other questions in the previous repeat instance.

For example, I enter 5 as repeat count, and in the first one I enter name as X. Now in the fourth repeat instance, how do I access X?

Could you explain more. A bit unclear.

Sorry I’m on mobile so the formatting might not be good, but what I want to do is as follows :

I have a begin_repeat with repeat count of 5.
I enter my name (let’s say A) at count 1, enter B at count 2, C at count 3, D at 4 and E at 5.

Now when the repeat count is 4, how do I “look” at the value which is entered at repeat count 1.

Here are some workaround discussed previously which should help you solve your issue:

This should also be helpful: