Accessing data using API returns 403 forbidden error

Dear all,

I am using robotoolbox, an R package to successfully retrieve asset lists with kobo_asset_list() when retrieving from However, when trying to access the asset_list on a different account on I get a 403 forbidden error.

I follow 3 steps:

  1. to get access token
    kobo_token(username = "tkilimba", password = "notthepassword", url = "")
  2. set up my R environment for access:
    kobo_setup(url = "", token = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")
  3. Retrieve asset list:

The final command results in

Any help appreciated

Welcome back to the community, @Tumaini! Maybe you could try using this approach as shared by @dickoa:

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Thanks @Kal_Lam , but that post is where I originally learned of robotoolbox, but it does not answer the issue I currently have unfortunately

@Tumaini, you could continue your discussion in the post I have shared where @dickoa should be able to help you out.

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Hi @Tumaini,

Thanks for raising this issue. Can you check that the token obtained using kobo_token is the same as the one you have when you log in to your account, in ‘Account setting’ ?
If you copy the token manually, in account setting and use it in kobo_setup does it work ?

You can also check if the username and password are the same as the one you will use to log into the kf account.


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