Accessing Form Data via R

Dear all,

I am attempting to access form data via the tutorial found at .

I have so far written the following script:

#for reading and writing data
library(readr) # to read CSV data
library(openxlsx) # to write to excel file


form_id<-"a75awiQyBniHSfmSgxaKiu" #change the id to your form's id
print(paste0("Status Code: ",rawdata$status_code))

d_content <- content(rawdata,"raw",encoding="UTF-8")
d_content_csv <- read_csv(d_content)

However the line which prints the Status Code tells me the request has met with a 404 error. I wonder if the form Id is the issue. Where does one get the form Id from on Kobo Toolbox?

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Hi @Tumaini
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I would suggest that you kindly look at the following discussion.


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