Accessing nodeset values in a repeat group using the join function

According to this Form Operators and Functions — ODK Docs
… functions are needed for accessing responses to questions inside repeat groups.
The sum(), max(), and min() functions offer access to numeric data, is there any way to access text response for the ENTIRE nodeset in a repeat group (NOT a specific indexed node using the indexed-repeat function)?

I am looking for a way to remove choices in a repeated question as they are available just once. Example: Resource A is assigned to user 1, resource C is assigned to user 2, resource B is assigned to user 3
Using the same select_one I would here want to remove resource A and C before I get to the iteration #3 in order to prevent the enumerator to assign the same resources to more than one user,

@Johs, maybe you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Thanks @Kal_Lam !
Join outside the Repeat Group made the trick:)
Using choice_filter rather than constraints, I was also able to remove choices and make a better UX out of it by having options disappear as they have been used.
Here’s a general example for limited resources booked for a longer list of assignees with additional add-on functionality.
Exclusive assignment.xlsx (11.7 KB)

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Excellent use of the join function, I really like how you have applied. Changing the topic so that we all find it much easily.



The solution works well.
However, if we click back for editing then at one first selected choice app gets stuck cause list is empty and the question is mandatory.
Any solution for that?