Accessing unsubmitted survey data

I was just wondering whether it is possible to access/save unsubmitted responses (eg if someone completed the entire survey but didn’t click submit) - I believe SurveyMonkey and Typeform have this function - is there some way for it to be enabled through Kobo?


@madeleinetan, users should only be able to access the data once the submissions (from either Collect android app or Enketo) have been submitted tot he server.

But I think there is an option to copy data files from the collect device, e.g. to a laptop. See forum discussion, e.g.

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Thank you for adding @wroos! Let me also update my post (maybe updating it would benefit the community):

So, basically, if an enumerator has collected data, but has not submitted the same to the server, and is still in the field, the admin would not be able to access the data. There are some data collection apps that would show the data (in the server) that is still stored in the device even though if it has not been synced with the server. This was my understanding of what @madeleinetan had asked.

However, if an admin could have access to the device (that has the unsent data in it), s/he could get access to the data (by extracting the data manually). This is possible as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions.

Thank you once again @wroos for the added information so that I could also update my post.

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