Accessing uploaded media (pics) in power BI

How do I point PowerBI to the media attached by our enumerators? When I look at the default kobo report and click on a report location on the map it opens the full report including any picture that was uploaded with it. I want to do the same with my PowerBI dashboard but can’t figure out how to tell powerBI where that media is since it’s not part of the xls it fetches via the API

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

I’ve read those already and one tells you how to do it by downloading the media to a local drive and then inserting it in a report which is not what I want - The other says how to do it by…" To show images in visuals, you would need their URL.

Basically, it would be like your embedding the images on visuals.

That’s why this won’t work if you’re offline.

To start, add a column in your table where the URL or links of the images will be placed…"

My question I guess is how do I find the URL? What is the datapath to the image and what is the general structure so that I can link an image with an individual report?

Hey @timcthefilmguy

I’m exactly in the same spot as you were a while ago.
Did you manage to solve this? How?

Appreciate your input!

Note: I’ve followed the instructions presented at KoboSupport (UNHCR) and successfully connected PowerBI to Kobo’s server. All the data is coming through except for full URL’s of the images.

I have 1 compulsory and 4 optional, so a total of up to 5 photos that can be captured and uploaded by the enumerator. Each is a separate column.

In KoboToolbox, in the Data view, I can see the 5 columns and its photos and if I Right-click > Open image in new tab, I can get their URL. And because the form is publicly accessible, the URL always work (even if i’m not signed in to KoboToolbox).

When I look at the json file ( ), i can see that the full URL of all photos are actually in there.

But for some reason PowerBI is not importing that information! Why would PowerBI ignore those columns? And is there a workaround that you know of ?

PowerBI does import the filenames (eg. 1639402857588.jpg ) but that is obviously not enough :frowning_face:

The support page Downloading Photos and Other Media — KoBoToolbox documentation mentions enabling Include media URLs when exporting to Excel. But i’m not manually exporting the data via Excel. I’m connecting directly via Kobo API.

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Hi @Josh

Any update to This Please ?

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Hi @caneeraj, there is a discussion about the feature being released in the above link and here: