Actual installation instructions, FAQs and troubleshooting?


I have been trying, and failing, to install kobo using kobo-install for two days now, on two different machines.

Does there exist somewhere an actual installation guide, with FAQs and troubleshooting steps?

I’ve been through the kobo-install setup script an ungodly amount of times, and no matter what I do, the installation will never complete properly.
It doesn’t matter whether I use the workstation profile or the server profile.
It doesn’t matter whether I use the advanced setup or standard.
It doesn’t matter whether I use the LetsEncrypt function, don’t use HTTPS or use a reverse-proxy.
It always fails every time.

I must have ready every post on this forum twice or more already, and none of the quick-fixes work, and there’s also a lot of people who have asked for help but not received any.

I realise that running your own version rather than using the public version is more advanced, but I have to adhere to a “no 3rd party cloud” policy.

I can’t provide any logs as I’ve got so frustrated that I’ve deleted everything, multiple times. All I can say is that both machines I’ve tried this on have more than the minimum recommended specs.

I’m about ready to give up.

Surely there is an easier way to set this up?

Welcome to the community, @_dan! If you have missed this earlier (it could be helpful):

I’m sorry for the frustration, but there’s basically nothing that anyone can do to help without more information. If you do try again, I wish you success, but if does fail, please don’t delete everything prior to asking for help.