Add a custom image for enketo

Hi. I need to build my own image for enketo. I have done that. However, I am not sure where I need to replace it with the defauly enketo image in the kobo-install github repo.

You need to change the docker-compose files to replace image with build, and point it to the Dockerfile in your custom folder.

If you already have an image and it’s hosted on docker hub, then it’s easier: just change the image line to point to your image instead of the public version.


Thanks for your help. I wanted to make changes in the front end of the application. I forked the KPI repository and then cloned it in my local system. I made the changes and then built the image. I forked the kobo-docker repo as well and changed kpi.image in docker-compose.frontend.yml to my own custom built image. Lastly, instead of cloning the official Kobo-docker repo, I am cloning my own forked kobo-docker repository.
Now, whenever I make changes in the code, I rebuild the image. But, when I stop the kobo application and restart it with the command python3 --setup I do not get the updated image. I use the same name and tag to rebuild the image.
How can I achieve all this?


I need to build KPI image locally after doing some custom logo changes. Can you guide me around the detail steps to build and create a new image locally for KPI?