Add a satellite view in geopoint question

Hello, I’d like to add a satellite view in my geopoint question.

Currently I have “placement-map; satellite” in my appearance column, but it still shows the default view in the app

Welcome back to the community @paani! Maybe you could have a look at the post discussed previously (is should solve your issue):

Hi, I’ve tried that and it works! But the problem is, I have already made the pre defined settings(in which Maps option is not visible to the team ) and given them to the team of nearly 100 people by QR code.

Now to make this change, they’ll have to configure the new QR code again. Would you suggest anything to make this process easier?

Would you mind cascading the information (instructions) to the team and see if they are able to configure their KoBoCollect android app. This should solve their issue.

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Hello @paani
Sorry, late add-on.
You may give them two QR codes, to use in direct sequence:

  • The first only “opening” with the admin password.
  • The second doing the changes and setting again the password (or a new one).

Another option, if not yet data collected.

  • Deinstall and reinstall Collect ((offering the default without password)
  • Configure with new QR.
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