Add a user for a project

Dear all,
I have a project where I added a user (View submissions), now I am trying to add another user (View and Validate submissions) but KOBO keeps saying (USER NOT FOUND), though the user has an account. Kindly advise on this problem.

I don’t want to check the box of “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” because I want the respondents to access and submit directly without my approval.

Hi @nour_alhajali,

There are 2 public servers of Kobo, can you make sure that the user is on the same server with the form?

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@nour_alhajali, backing up with what @hakan_cetinkaya has tried to explain. Please be informed that KoBoToolbox has two public servers, the Global and the EU.

Please be informed that sharing of projects is only possible within the same server, i.e., either within Global server or within EU server. Sharing a survey project from Global to EU is impossible or vice versa.

You could also look at our support article MANAGING PERMISSIONS and Row-Level Permissions to learn more about sharing projects with other users.

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Many thanks. I have figured it out and let the user change the server. It works


@nour_alhajali, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:


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