Add barcode to each record

Hello dear,
I want to develop KOBO form in which I want to have QR code or Bar code for each entry in my form so than that I can read print this code and give it to everyone who is data is in my form, and than I want to read the data using that QR code or Bar code.
thank you in advance

Welcome @Belalnoory,
Do you know the barcode question type? See Gelp Center article List of Question Types — KoboToolbox documentation.
Many examples and previous discussions can be found using the famous search function of this forum, e.g. Search results for 'barcode' - KoboToolbox Community Forum.

@Kal_Lam, might be good to provide more information on Bar-/QR-code usage via Help Center.

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@Belalnoory, could you also provide more details (especially it’s use case) so that we could also have a look at it to see if it’s possible with KoboToolbox?