Add data to a submitted form

Hi! We are using KoBo to log requests. Once a survey has been submitted we need to go back to it to update some fields over time e.g. to turn the request from open/closed or add new details of the case. Is it possible to add new data into existing question fields once the survey has been submitted? Thanks for your help KoBo Community!

Hi @rnli_kobo and welcome to the community!

There are several ways to achieve this, depending on your experience and knowledge in form building, your needs etc.

The easiest way is to edit your submissions: Editing or Deleting a Single Submission ā€” KoboToolbox documentation
There is also pull-data function for case management type systems: Pull Data Functionality in KoboToolbox ā€” KoboToolbox documentation
You can see some examples about pull-data in the forum: Topics tagged pull-data

Iā€™m sure other community members have wonderful ideas too.