Add new field in previously deployed form and collect data for the previous submission

Hello Dears
I had made a Kobo form and collected 20k submission of the form. The form has 60 fields. Now I want to add additional 4 fields and want to input new data in the new field, but the previous data will remain same. Another condition is that who are imputing data in the new field s/he cannot see the previous 60 fields data (except one unique field/column data). How is it possible? Need your support. Thanks in advanced.

Welcome back to the community, @admineprc247!

Could you provide more details on this so that the community should be able to help you out? Or did you mean you only wish to add details for these new fields (without being able to see the other 60 fields)? Sorry if I misunderstood you correctly.

Yes you are right. I want to add details for the 4 new field. But who will input s/he can’t see the other fields data. but the data will be stored beside the 60th number of column.
For more details please see below:
Suppose I have a form containing 60 fields like A1…A2…A3…A5…A60.
I have deployed the form and received 20k submissions.

now problem is that I need to add additional 4 fields like A61…A62…A63…A64.
Also need to add the new data for the previous 20k submissions.
Those who will input the data s/he cant see the previous data. Only he will search the A1 fields data and input in the field A61…A62…A63…A64.

Finally when I will export the data I will see the A1 to A64 columns data without joining any table.