Add new locations (Province and Districts) to the form

Dear Colleagues,

I prepared a questionnaire in XLSForm and collected data through KoboCollect. Now I want to add additionaly locations (Provinces and Districts) - but I have to do it through “Editing within the Kobo”. Can anyone help me add these location as I did in excel - below picture. Untitled

You could always edit you survey project as follows:

  • Download your xlsform
  • Add the province and districts in the xlsform
  • Update the edited xlsform with the existing survey project (in the form builder UI)
  • Redeploy

This should update what you wish to. But while updating your xlsform kindly please be careful not to change the name of the existing names used in your xlsform. This could cause issue later.

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Hi @rahmat
Also when implementing the solution suggested by @Kal_Lam be careful to note that when you change your variable labels in the update, you may cause a mismatch issue with your data. So always investigate the list.


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Dear Kal_Lam, Thank you very much. You are very much supportive.

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Thank you very much Stephan. Glad to be here having the wonderful support.

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