Add new record in the same form

Hello, it is possible to add new record in the same form?
I need to add a list of daily data in the same form, for example: a daily of blood pressure test result for one particular patient.

Is there any way to do that?


Hi @chenboly,

It can be done in various ways depending on your experience, logic and knowledge about form building.

It is considered as a longitudinal data, which you can find by searching in the forum: Topics tagged longitudinal-data

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I have no glue on this, could you share some example?

@chenboly, as advised by @hakan_cetinkaya, it’s the approach to designing your survey project and, most importantly, how you plan to analyze it.

E.g., if I were you, I would have a predefined (with the question type select-one) variable name patient name, date and result and collect the details normally. The data would stay in the server with the following format:

Patient Name Date Result
Patient 1 2022/11/18 Test result
Patient 1 2022/11/18 Test result
Patient 2 2022/11/19 Test result
Patient 2 2022/11/19 Test result

I would then analyze the data using the date variable to plot against different days, months, or even years (if the collected data is longitudinal).

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Thanks @Kal_Lam for your approach. I am really stuck at this point. here is the excel sheet that we use for input this kind of data. If you have any idea, please kindly advice.

One patient has a long list of data with the same parameter but different date and month.

@chenboly, maybe you will need to go vertical (as outlined in my above post) instead of horizontal (as outlined in your post).

In that case we have to input the patient name for every row,

Yes, and you can transport it later on during your data analysis phase.

I am afraid that I could not understand your method.

I had some search and found this method.

Plus sign to add new roster and minus sign to remove the roster.
This is what I am looking for. Do you have any idea how to develop this?

You do not need to use the roster (repeat group) when looking at your data structure.

I see. It would grateful if you could give me a spreadsheet example. many thanks.