Add note to instance_name

i have a note with name ‘note1’ and label “2022 supervisors list”
Q1, Name of facility with Options: ZAA, GAXU, MOX
how do i use concat so that when ZAA submits their data, the form will be named as ‘ZAA 2022 supervisors list’
is used this formular “concat(${Q1}, ‘-’, ${note1})” in the instance_name but the “2022 supervisors list” is not showing

Hello @yendor,
Just a quick reply. A ${ } variable reference will never give you a label, but the (entered) value.

I am afraid there is no simple function to get the label of a question (variable); different to jr:choice_name(…). But @Kal_Lam or @Xiphware might know more, please. Maybe itext() or a path/attribute reference could help here?

A workaround could be

  • to change your note to text type with read_only. Then you could reference the text var value.
  • or to calculate the note text in a calculate type which can be referenced in the instance_name.
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@yendor, maybe another approach would be to use 2022 supervisors list directly to your concat expression as a default text.

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okay thanks

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Minor correction: “I am afraid there is no simple function to get the label of a question…”


Basically, there is no way at runtime - within your form - to programmatically get the label that would be displayed for an arbitrary XForm question. So you need to hardcode something in your form to do it instead, ala…

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(post deleted by author). Info was already there.