Add 'Other' option with huge number of group of options in cascase

Hi all,
I am developing a project where I need to use the cascade option. I have 84 sets of options in a question that will appear based on the option selected in the previous question. But, two options are common for all 84 sets of options. These two common options are ’ No response provided’ and ‘No response needed’.

What I know to do this cascade is to write each of these options 84 times and give them different names. But, I was wondering whether there is any other formula or shortcut to do this? I want to write these two options only two times which will automatically show up with all 84 sets of options. Any support on this? Thanks in advance.

I have added xls file here. Please see the yellow highlighted rows in both ‘survey’ & ‘choices’ tab.
WASH CFRM_Reply.xlsx (19.8 KB)

N.B: Please note that I pull some of the information from another project by using dynamic pull data function.

@tasfik_rukan, is this something you are looking at that has been discussed in the community before?

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